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The approach seems banal - to help one's fellow man in trouble, of course - but nevertheless deserves to be reminded, always. Simple questions often nag at the mind: How can we work to leave a happier world than the one we entered? What can we do at our humble level to support people in need?


All too often, we hear ready-made, unthinking, agreed-upon phrases that are accepted as peremptory reality: "life is unfair; social inequality is obvious; poverty in the world is significant; the gap between rich and poor is widening; there are people who have nothing; etc.". It is true that the mountain seems too big and often dissuades us from investing in anything. It is also possible that we have little control and that most of the responsibility lies elsewhere. Politics and macroeconomics are discouraging, but can we really do nothing or do we want to do nothing?

Balanced Harmony obviously does not propose to change the world - and even less to carry it - but it is committed to realizing concrete projects for the most needy, and this without unnecessary financial losses. Indeed, here there are no salaries to be paid, no premises to be rented, no administrative costs or travel to be paid; Balanced Harmony amortizes its expenses and guarantees to donors and members that the totality of their donations will be used in the projects it supports.


We believe that it doesn't take much to improve the quality of life for some people, but we need your help to do it. Improving someone's daily life is already an investment in a better world. Every human gesture is a trigger for well-being and prosperity. Each drop of water allows life to germinate. By accepting to be that drop, you will have the chance to participate in a better world in addition to feeling like an ocean, and the banality of these words is commensurate with the ease of your investment.

Chris Quarroz

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