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Embilipitiya, Sri Lanka


When we met those who would later become our local partners, they were all living on a small area.

We decided to help them build a new family space where everyone would have their place.


The next step is to sustain our relationship with our local partners by making them responsible for Balanced Harmony projects in Sri Lanka.

On site, we have a trusted manager in charge of organizing the work and managing the salaries. We also have two building employees who are responsible for ordering materials, recruiting employees and ensuring that the work is carried out properly.


The project is built in 4 steps:

1. Earthwork and finishing of the walls

2. Laying of tiles and painting

3. Connection to water and electricity

4. Installation of doors and windows


The total costs amount to about 10'000 USD.

Today, we have almost completed the work and have almost had the money in full. We are currently finalizing the installation of the tiles.


By choosing local actors and making them responsible for their respective tasks, Balanced Harmony allows a local community to invest in the development of its community.

Balanced Harmony also provides work to local actors and develops the sustainability of future projects in Sri Lanka.

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