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Embilipitiya, Sri Lanka


Children's Home is an orphanage for girls only. It is inhabited by about thirty boarders of all ages and supervised by two persons in charge and some auxiliaries who help in the good functioning of the structure.


At present, all the orphans live on the first floor of the building; a large dining room where they sleep and study. 


The project is being built in 2  steps:

1. Provide basic necessities: clothes, fridge, tables, chairs, cupboards, school equipment, bed sheets, etc.

2. Finalize  the first floor of the orphanage which will have 11 rooms and will allow them to be divided by age group.


The total costs amount to about  40'000 USD.


Today, we have almost completed the work and have almost got the full amount. We are currently finalizing the installation of the windows and doors (after finishing the construction of the walls, laying the tiles, managing the water and electricity, painting the walls, etc.).


The next step is to provide the necessary furniture (mainly beds, cabinets, desks, etc.) for this first floor. An estimate is underway.

Afterwards, we will start the construction of the second floor where there will be a dance and gym room, a laundry room and a closet as well as different things according to their needs.


Balanced Harmony puts a special emphasis on the sustainability of the project.


In addition to building a living space and providing work for local people, we intend to make the Sri Lankan stakeholders responsible for the sustainability of this project.


We will need to establish links with local businesses to provide them with food on a regular basis, provide schooling for the children in the various structures in place and facilitate the entry into employment for the older ones.  

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